The 1930ís




††††††††† (these are video clips; scroll down the screen to see) (not just on the New Deal Ė click to check)

††††††††† (look here for all kinds of slang from the decade)



Media and Communications (Radio, Telephone, etc) (scroll down until you see radios)


Transportation (Donít forget trains, subways, etc Ė this is just the beginning of cars!) (#10-13) busses)




Entertainment (including music, the movies, games, etc)


Consumer Products,1607,7-153-54463_19268_20778-52530--,00.html







Fashion (donít forget cosmetics, hygiene as well!) (menís fashion - scroll down until you see 1930s)



Careers and Wages/Salary,1607,7-153-54463_19268_20778-52530--,00.html


Population (Rural Vs. Urban, Blacks and Whites)


Science and Technology





Al Capone and John Dillinger


President Roosevelt (video)


Billy Holiday


Amelia Earhart



President Hoover


Adolf Hitler


Walt Disney


Jessie Owens


Langston Hughes


F. Scott Fitzgerald


Winston Churchill


Joseph Stalin


The Great Depression


Harlem Renaissance


The New Deal


Lindbergh Kidnapping