Salem Elementary School

"Committed to Research-based Shared Decision Making"


* Continue to align the elementary curriculum with the New York State Learning Standards, initiate instructional changes that will enable our students to meet the new standards, and expand enrichment opportunities.

* Continue to modify portfolios, report cards, and assessments in order to reflect curriculum changes.

* Streamline and coordinate the scheduling of elementary meetings to maximize staff participation and communication and minimize disruption of the academic program.

* Review the options and intensities of Academic Intervention Services (AIS) program delivery, develop ways to expand and maximize its impact on student performance, evaluate the results of the program on student achievement, and initiate further changes as needed.

* Review the Child Study Team focus for AIS and special education, operating procedures, and membership, and inform the staff of team protocol and actions.

* Research the issue of student retention, disseminate research findings to parents and staff, study Salem students who have been retained to determine the impact that retention has had on their educational success, and develop a plan that will result in maximum student growth and understanding.


Elementary School