• What is the role of the Board of Education?

    • Set district goals.

    • Review, change, or establish district policies.
    • Act upon all personnel and contractual matters.

    • Oversee and review all financial matters, including but not limited to budget preparation warrants, and bonding.


    What are the Board of Education's goals for the district?

    • Academic Success
    • Culture & Climate
    • Human Resources
    • Health & Safety
    • Communication

    Click here for an expanded description of the district's goals


    I have questions and concerns that are specific to my child. Is attending a Board of Education meeting the first step I should take in addressing my questions and concerns?

    There is a line of communication that can be found by clicking here.


  • What role does the attending public hold at Board of Education meetings?

    By attending BOE meetings, community members are informed and empowered to better understand school policy and the policy-making process. Additionally, community members have a platform to express their concerns, and have a voice in the decisions being made by the BOE.


    What are executive sessions?

    The BOE may conduct an executive session for certain discussions. Executive sessions are not open to the public and may include but not limited to  discussions regarding personnel issues, collective bargaining, and litigation provided that no action by formal vote will be taken. For all other purposes, the action by formal vote will be taken in an open meeting and properly recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Attendance at an executive session will be permitted to any BOE member and any persons authorized or requested to attend by the BOE. The superintendent will attend executive sessions except those that concern their evaluation, employment, or salary. For the full description regarding executive sessions click here