Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Perkins

Ms. Perkins has been teaching at Salem Washington Academy since January 1979.  During this time, she has taught English at all 6 grade levels.  She has a BA in English and an MS in Reading from Russell Sage College, with NYS Certification in English 7-12 and Reading N-12.
Ms. Perkins is also advisor to the senior class.

Supplies needed for class:
3-ring binder with dividers
composition book for reading notes
pen or pencil


Ms. Perkins'schedule

Period 1-A Day-English 10 Lab/A Day-Planning

Period 2-English IV

Period 3-English 8

Period 4-A Day-English 10 Lab/A Day-Planning

Period 5-A Day-Planning/B Day-English 9 Lab

Period 6-A Day-Planning/B Day-study hall

Period 7-Lunch

Period 8-English 8

Period 9-A day-Study hall/B Day English 9 Lab

Period 10-Tuesday and Wednesday-English 8 homework help