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    Congratulations to the 2023 Washingtonian Yearbook Staff!

    Editor:  Mary McPhee
    Business Editor:  Katey Barnes

    Photography Editor:  Ella Palulis
    Staff:  Mia Wilk, Lexus Marquis, Adair Hoge, Alexandria Cary, Kylie Austin



    If you need more information contact me at:



    Important Dates

    Seniors should be making appointments to have senior pictures done
    - July 2022 - Oct. 2022

    Signature Studios in Glens Falls will provide a free sitting and portrait for any Junior/Senior who does not feel they can afford a senior portrait. You must make an appointment before August 1, 2022. Their goal is that every senior have a quality portrait in the yearbook if they want one.


    Yearbook Sales Week:  Oct. 17 - 21

    Senior Parent Ads. due: Friday, October 14

    Senior Pictures due: Friday, December 2

    Clubs and Organizations Pictures: will be taken throughout the year

    Any Senior who wants their name printed on their book must order a book by: Dec. 22

    Business Ads due: Feb. 8

    Senior Superlatives taken:

    Yearbook completed: March 1

    Meeting with Juniors to pick next year's yearbook staff:

    Meeting with Juniors to plan next year's book:  

    Yearbook Assembly (Seniors only!):

    Yearbooks distributed to everyone: