• Welcome to the Salem Central School District!

    Here you will find a community of caring professionals, a thoughtful Board of Education, outstanding students, and engaged parents. Our vision at Salem Central is to be the exemplary
    model of a rural school district. As we provide an education for students PK-12, we aim to have a district where:

    • Parents and guardians are proud to have their children experience our educational programs

    • Students obtain lasting and fulfilling careers with a sense of accomplishment

    • Graduates use their educational experience at Salem Central as a vital component of their success in life.

    Our Mission is it maintain a supportive and caring learning environment for the students of Salem, Rupert, and the surrounding areas. We aim to create opportunities for students both before and after graduation, promote student success through a focused, intentional academic program, and engender a sense of service to both school and community.

    Under the leadership of our Board of Education and Administrative team and with parental engagement we are personalizing opportunities that empower all students to be lifelong learners, leaders and global citizens.


    David J. Glover, Ed. D
    Salem Central School District Superintendent