Our District

  • Serving Salem, Hebron, Shushan, Jackson, Greenwich, NY, and Rupert VT

    Salem School

    Salem Washington Academy, founded in 1780, later becoming Salem Central School, was among the first secondary schools in New York State. The district’s buildings retain the beauty and charm of its early architecture and unique beginning. Salem Central School District has an approximate enrollment of 572 students in grades PreK-12. The elementary and high school buildings are located on one central campus. The district serves students residing in Salem, Hebron, Shushan, Jackson, and Greenwich, NY. Additionally, Salem Central School serves many students who reside in Rupert, VT. Vermont students are enrolled in the secondary level program as part of a unique relationship with the state of Vermont, allowing them to enjoy the same opportunities and benefits of students residing in New York.

     The elementary school houses grades PreK-6, with the 335 students served by 29 classroom teachers. The PreK-6 structure offers traditional grade level classes, with specials including art, music, physical education and library science.  Additionally, the school offers a REACH program that focuses on social skills and mental health support. Students in grades three through six participate in a departmentalized approach to their education. Students are supported through Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in both reading and mathematics to assist in preparing students to become successful lifelong learners in a competitive world. The district is one of the few in the region to provide transportation for its PreK students.

     The junior/senior high school is comprised of grades 7-12, with 237 students served by 26 classroom teachers. In addition to the traditional high school courses, the district is proud to give its students a competitive edge by offering Career and Technical Education courses in Agricultural Science, Business & Marketing Education, and Technology Education. The district’s students are also supported by three AIS Teachers, a full-time Occupational Therapist, a part-time Physical Therapist, and two full-time Speech and Language Therapists, as well as a School Psychologist and three Guidance Counselors. Work-Based Learning is also a major component of these courses. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credits through the eight advanced placement classes offered: Biology, Calculus, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Psychology, Spanish Language and Culture, US History, and World History. In addition, the district offers several distance learning classes, including Accounting, AP Psychology, and Pre-Veterinary Science.

     More than sixty percent of the student body pursue post-secondary education after graduating Salem, while others seek added skills training, enter the job market, or enlist in the military.

    Salem’s school district and community enjoy an unparalleled partnership. The historic Salem Courthouse, Bancroft Public Library, and Fort Salem Theater are just a few of the businesses and organizations supporting our students in numerous programs and activities. They are conveniently located within walking distance from the school, making them a convenient destination for student field trips.