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    June 3, 2021

    Dear Students and Parents,

    We are writing to inform you about the end of the year exam schedule.  Please take time to review the attached exam calendar with your child(ren).  It is important that students dedicate the necessary time to prepare for his/her exams.  The last day of regular classes for grades 7-12 is Monday, June 14. It is important to note that some of the dates and times have changed from previously printed calendars and letters. Also included is an information sheet that provides important dates for the end of the year Chromebook collection.

    Grade 8

    Grade 8 Science assessments will occur next week on Tuesday, June 8 (Purple students only) during Period 1 and Wednesday, June 9 (Gold students only) during Period 5.  If you have any questions about the test, please contact Mrs. McPhee.

    Grades 7-12

    • June 15-June 24 are final exam days. On these days, students in grades 7-12 do not need to come to school unless they have a final exam scheduled or directed by the classroom teacher for special class, recovery work, or make-up exams.
    • All final exams are given in person (in school) unless otherwise indicated/determined.
    • Buses will run on the normal schedule in the morning and in the afternoon with an additional bus run midday at 11:15AM. If your child(ren) need to come in on the 11:15AM bus run, he/she needs to sign up in the High School Office at least one day before the scheduled pick-up.

    Recovery Work

    Students who are in danger of failing a course may be required to attend recovery or extra help periods with his/her classroom teacher during the exam period.  Students who are required to do so will be notified by the teacher with the schedule and required work to be completed.

    Regents Exams

    This year, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) issued a memorandum on March 2, 2021, in which they canceled the June administration of the following Regents Examinations:  Algebra II, Geometry,  Chemistry, Physics, Global History and Geography and United States History.  For federal accountability purposes, the US Department of Education is requiring the administration of Algebra, Earth Science, Living Environment and Comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA).

    However, the NYS Education Department is NOT REQUIRING New York State students to take Regents exams in Algebra, Earth Science, Living Environment and/or Comprehensive ELA.  All students in New York State are entitled to an exemption from ALL Regents exams that they would have regularly taken in June 2021 (Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Global History, United States History, Comprehensive ELA, Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics) provided that they have passed the course.

    During a regular school year, we use the Regents exam as the final exam in all of our Regents courses.  However, this year we will NOT be requiring the Regents exam as the course final exam in any course, even if it is administered this June.  Instead, all teachers will administer locally developed exams to assess student's learning in the course. The grades that students earn on the locally developed examinations will be used in final grade and overall GPA calculations.  Students currently enrolled in Algebra, Biology and English III will also be scheduled for the course Regents Exam.  Students will receive the higher of the two grades as the final exam score.  Regardless of the grade earned, students who take a Regents exam this June must request in writing that the Regents exam grade be listed on his/her transcript (an email is acceptable). Otherwise, EX (Exempt) will be listed on the transcript. 

    In an attempt to answer questions that you may have, a frequently asked questions document is also included with this letter.  Additional questions should be directed to Don Zarzycki in the Guidance Office. 

    Grade 12 Parents Only

    There will be information sent separately detailing senior class end-of-year activities, prom and graduation.

    I appreciate your support during this challenging year. If you have any questions related to this information, please do not hesitate to contact the school at (518) 854-7600.

    Thank you. 

    Julie A. Adams
    7-12 Principal