Eligibility Policy


To participate in any extracurricular activity, a student must be in school for the whole day. If a student arrives after 8:15 AM, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular activity without the approval of the high school principal. Students who have senior privileges must be in school for all of their scheduled time. If a student has a doctor’s appointment, he/she will be allowed to participate if he/she provides the office or coach a note from the doctor. 


Students who are failing two or more courses at the end of the 5-week mark, or the end of a marking period, are on probation for the next 5 weeks. A student who is on probation may participate in clubs, plays, athletics, and dances as long as he/she stays and works during 10th period. 

Play and Athletics: 

For a student to participate in a game or practice, he/she must have successfully stayed 10th period that day. If a student does not stay 10th period, he/she is still expected to attend practice, but will not be allowed to participate that day. (Coaches will be allowed flexibility in implementing team rules; most coaches have a rule such as if you miss a practice, you miss the first half of a game.) 


There are fewer meetings and events for most clubs, so the rule is slightly altered. Students must successfully stay two 10th periods the days leading up to a club meeting or event. 

Dances/Activity Nights (Volleyball & Kickball Tournaments): 

Students on probation must have successfully stayed three 10th periods the weeks leading up to the event. (Example: If a student stays 10th period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he/she may attend the weekend dance.) 


Students on probation are required to stay 10th period with one of the teachers of the classes they’re failing or with a teacher who has assigned them 10th period. Teachers will sign students in during each 10th period on a Google document that will be shared with all teachers, advisors, administration, and coaches. Coaches and advisors will check the Google document to see a student’s 10th-period attendance. 

Play and Athletics: 

Coaches and Drama Club Advisors will check the Google document daily. If a student successfully stayed 10th period, they will be able to practice or compete in a game that day. 


Club advisors will check the Google document on the day of a meeting or activity. If a student has successfully stayed 10th period the previous two days, they will be able to participate that day. 

Dances/Activity Nights (Volleyball & Kickball Tournaments): 

The advisor of the organization sponsoring the dance or activity will check the Google document to see who on the probation list is eligible to attend the event. 


1.) Students who are on the probation will not have senior privileges. 2.) If a student is repeating a course, he/she will begin the year on probation (This is not a punishment, but an acknowledgement that this student needs monitoring to make sure that a different result is achieved.) 3.) The behavioral portion of the Eligibility Policy remains in place and is not altered by these changes.