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Re-Entry Plan and Changes To COVID-19 Guidelines

April 15, 2021


Good Evening,


We wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the upcoming changes to our instructional program and the recent changes from the CDC and New York State Department of Health.


Starting next week, we will start bringing some of our students back to school on Fridays. Starting next week, all Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, and elementary self-contained special education classrooms will start attending five days a week.  Ms. Vieira will be sending you more information by this weekend.


The middle school/high school will start having students attend school on alternating Friday’s by cohort group. The purple students will have 1st -4th period classes on Friday, April 23rd. The self-contained special education classroom will also start their Friday classes next week. Ms. Adams will be sending out more information by this weekend.


We will be bringing back students in 1st – 6th grades starting the week of May 3rd. We need the extra time to bring in additional staff, repurpose some additional building space into classrooms,  move some classrooms back into the primary building, and make other adjustments to our schedule to meet current guidelines. We’ve all been waiting for a long time to get kids back into the school. We appreciate your patience as we put things into motion.


Additionally, we have new guidance from the CDC and the New York State Department of Health regarding. Due to the new regulations, moving from 6-feet to 3-feet is going to be very difficult until we are out of the High Transmission (Red) classification. We will continue to reach out to you for future planning on how to meet the new regulations.


The New York State Health Department regulations now require masks to be worn in the building by all parties, at all times, regardless of the space between individuals. This is a change from our previously allowed model of practice that allowed all individuals to remove their masks if there was 6 feet of separation.  The only exception to this rule is when students are eating.  Additionally, masks must be two-layers thick.  Most masks meet these criteria. However, anyone wearing a gator must be folded up to include two layers. Bandanas are no longer an acceptable face covering.


We will start implementing this change next week. We understand that there will be some transition time. We’ll work together, as we have throughout the pandemic, to implement the new changes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


David J. Glover, Ed. D.