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Message From The Interim Superintendent

January 4, 2022


Dear Parents/Guardians,


I am once again providing an update with the Salem Central School District’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As I informed you last week, 37 million rapid tests have been ordered by the state for use and distribution to the schools.  This morning we received 566 test kits. These tests come with instructions for use that must be followed whether given at home or at school.  Below is a short video on how to administer the test.


PLEASE NOTE: Tests given at home by a parent will have to be considered advisory to the family and can’t be accepted by the school or public health as an official test result. If you would like a test kit to use at home for your child, tests are available for pick up and sign out in the school building’s main offices. If you would like the school district  to administer a test for an official reportable result to New York State, please contact the office. Tests will be available beginning Thursday, January 6, 2022.


The district will also be looking to start a "Test To Stay" program starting Monday, January 10, 2022, for asymptomatic unvaccinated school-based close contacts of a COVID positive individual to avoid school exclusion (but not other restrictions of quarantine) by testing negative through serial testing using rapid NAAT or antigen tests during a seven-day period following exposure. The exposed person must be tested before school in the nurse’s office a minimum of three times during a 7 day period following exposure. The person must have a negative test and be asymptomatic to return, but can do so without quarantine under this guidance. With the exception of attending school, the student/person is quarantined for all other activities, including extracurricular.  Having an adequate testing supply will determine our ability to implement and sustain this program.


It continues to be important that if your child is experiencing any covid-like symptoms, or is not feeling well, you take them to see their health care provider.  On behalf of the entire staff of the school district we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy new year.



Mark E. Doody, Interim Superintendent


How to administer the iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test: