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Court Is Now In Session

The Warren-Washington County Mock Trial tournament is now in session every Tuesday throughout March. This year our students are competing against teams from Greenwich, Glens Falls, and Queensbury.  


The NYS Bar Association creates a fictitious case for the students to present, as they will play the roles of attorneys and witnesses, with a judge deciding the outcome of the case in a bench trial format. In addition to planning, preparing, and practicing, the mock trial tournament is a great opportunity for students to practice their public speaking skills.


The team with the most successful record will advance to the regional competition held in April. Due to Covid regulations, the teams were not permitted to use the county court rooms as in the past. However, with the recently eased regulations, this year they had the privilege of holding a trial at the Historic Salem Courthouse and will be able to use the county courthouses in Hudson Falls and Lake George. 


The team roster is comprised of: Quinn Donaldson, Silvia Escabar, Autumn Fleming, Gabe Gallagher, David Gilles, Aidhen Gillis, Taryn Gillis, Ethan Hickland, Evan Hunter, Samantha Keys, Lexus Marquis, Anna Maxwell, Mary Kate McPhee, Uta Nagai, Ella Palulis. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Vicki Perkins. The attorney advisor is Edward Pontacoloni, Esq. of Lake George.